Than Samay: Lao Heritage/Intermediate Textbook

Than Samay ("Up-to-Date") is available as a file download only, along with its accompanying video and audio files. The price for each book download is $32 USD. If you have any questions, please E-mail me.

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This is the textbook used for Intermediate and Advanced Lao instruction at SEASSI (from 2005-2011). It assumes no previous knowledge of written Lao, but it does assume basic spoken Lao ("survival level"), usually acquired by growing up in a Lao family in the West, or by taking a Beginning Lao language course. If you have no previous experience with spoken Lao or Lao culture, you should instead check out the Beginning Textbook.

See the Textbook table of contents and Introduction, sample textbook pages from several chapters, and listen to audio tracks and watch videos which accompany your purchase of the Textbook download files

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