Than Samay Heritage/Intermediate Lao Textbook Samples

Than Samay, by presenting you will multiple inputs (texts in Lao, explanations in English, audio recordings, videos) on various aspects of modern Lao life and history, will bring you to a level where you're able to discuss, read and write about topics essential to functioning in modern Laos: religion, the language of public information, history, and literature.

Of course, a major tool you'll need is literacy in Lao, so that's what begins the book. Since you're an adult, however, we won't focus on material from Lao children's books (though there is a bit of that, too!), but rather on authentic texts created for and by adult native speakers which deal with the above adult topics.

By looking over the samples linked to below, you can get a clearer idea of the instructional approach taken in Than Samay. Note that audio files, PDFs and videos will open in separate browser windows.

Textbook Table of Contents and Introduction

Chapter One Excerpt: Introduction to the Lao Consonants

  • Discussion of the Lao Consonants in the Textbook

  • Clickable Lao Consonant Chart from Multimedia Lesson One

    Chapter Two Excerpt: An Episode from the Life of the Buddha

  • Video Guide from the Textbook to the Story Told by a Monk below

  • Video of a Lao Monk Telling an Episode in the Life of the Buddha

  • Written Version of the Episode in the Life of the Buddha Told by a Monk above
    Chapter Three Excerpt: A Lao News Article

  • A Lao News Article with Explanations and Vocabulary Lists

    Chapter Four Excerpt: Several Versions of an Historical Myth

  • Textbook Material Describing a Myth Explaining the Founding of a Temple

  • Video of a Monk Telling the Myth Above, and Footage of the Temple in the Myth
    Chapter Seven Excerpt: Discussing Modern Lao Literature

  • Video Guide for the Interview Below, and Vocabulary for Discussing Literature in Lao

  • Interview With an Important Contemporary Lao Author

  • Audio Track I with Literature Vocabulary from Above PDF

  • Audio Track II with Literature Vocabulary from Above PDF

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