Thang Lao Beginning Lao Textbook Samples

Thang Lao, by exposing you to standard ways of expressing basic social needs in spoken Lao, brings you, through its eight topic-based chapters, to a level of "survival Lao" which enables you to function in modern Lao society as a foreigner. Provided, of course, you diligently practice, preferably with a native-speaker, the material presented in the Textbook! About 60% of the book is devoted to speaking, 40% to reading and writing.

Below, you'll find links to some examples of how we present essential information about Lao language to you in the Textbook: via audio tracks containing key vocabulary and phrases, explanations of culture, grammar and usage; basic reading texts, multimedia tools to help you learn the Lao alphabet, and videos showing Lao language used in everyday life.

Note that audio files, PDFs and videos will open in separate browser windows.

Textbook Table of Contents and Introduction

Chapter One Excerpt: Pronouns

  • Important Questions, Pronouns, and Pronoun Usage

  • Audio Track for "Important Questions" above

  • Audio Track for Pronouns above
    Chapter Two Excerpt: Introduction to the Lao Tones

  • Explanations of the Lao tones from the Textbook

  • Clickable Lao Tone Chart from Multimedia Lesson One
    Chapter Four Excerpt: Food and Bargaining

  • Shopping and Bargaining Vocabulary List and Video Guide

  • A Karaoke Video dealing with Topics in Chapter Four

  • Audio Track for the above Vocabulary List
    Chapter Five Excerpt: Grammar Explanation

  • Explanation of an Auxiliary Verb with Examples

  • Example material for Explanation above I

  • Example material for Explanation above II
    Chapter Eight Excerpt: Renting a Room in Laos

  • Room-renting vocabulary

  • Audio Track for the above Vocabulary List

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